Weekend Sports Notes

Tiger Woods is a good golfer.
-In Woods' first tournament of '08, Tiger is a mere 8 shots up after three rounds at the Buick Invitational. Unlike in every other sport, I actually like seeing this dynastic play in golf...Tell me golf is worth watching when Woods isn't atop the leaderboard.

Nice Job, Pacers.
-The Indiana Pacers allowed the Miami Heat to break out of one of their longest losing streaks in the franchise's history and get their first win of 2008. Hey Pacers- You've already pissed off the city by having a bunch of malcontents on the roster...The ONLY way you'll get the fans back is by winning. Shut up, stop going to strip clubs and win games.

Brennan's stock dropping.
-In something I'm putting in the category of "couldn't happen to a better guy" Colt Brennan's Senior Bowl week has yielded him a dropping NFL stock and a widely-held opinion that he simply doesn't have a strong arm.

Maybe if he cries like he did in his BCS game, he can get the pity of NFL teams and get picked on the first day.

Suck it, Sanctions.
-The over-rated Indiana Hoosiers got beaten on their home floor by an OK UConn team. Eric Jordan looked very human in the game as the Hoosiers seemed to be out-of-sync the entire game. So let me get this right- when your offense is based on standing around and watching a player score, and that guy is off, you can't score very easily...Huh. The best part is many IU fans are already jumping off of Sanctions' bandwagon...after only two losses. Imagine what they'll be saying if the spirited Boilers beat IU in Bloomington. Can't wait!

Go Giants!
-I know we're a week away from the game, but it's never too early to say it- Suck it Patriots and their shills at ESPN...Get 'em Eli. Hopefully Eli doesn't remember who he is for just one more game.

When asked if the Giants were dirty, he responded that the game was nasty...and that "This isn't tennis." I don't know why, but I really like that quote.

Stupid ESPN
-ESPN's new college basketball add campaign with little heads popping out of people's arms, necks and stomachs are nasty and kind of sick...but I do think of Jay Bilas and the other "heads" as leaches that tend to suck the life out of sports...ironic.

Nice choice on the college gameday (which doesn't work for basketball at all, by the way) SIU v. Creighton over Purdue v. Wisconsin...That worked out well.

Twaun Finding His Game.
-E'Twaun Moore seems to figuring out the college game as the season progresses. He led the Boilers in scoring off of the bench and is creating shots for himself with ease and regularity. It's nice to see that the guy who beat Eric Jordan head-to-head in high school might become the player that we all thought he could be.

Hummel continues to be the straw that stirs the drink for the Boilers....and JuJaun Johnson had one of his best Big Ten games versus the Badgers.

If Purdue can win just half of their remaining games, they should be in the dance...but I'm hoping they can win nine or ten, including the BT tournament...That would make them a solid 4 seed, in my opinion.

For Real.

Babies No More