Boiled Sports-Centric Look at the draft

First off, our Boilers did pretty well yet again in the draft. Three players drafted, one in the first round:

Dustin Keller (30) NYJ
Cliff Avril (92) Detroit
Stanford Keglar (134) Tennessee

Bryant, Armstrong and Grimes will probably get invites to camp.

Something to think about: Purdue has had two first-round draft picks, two seasons in a row...Probably will have a third next year with Painter. All that makes me is frustrated that the talent is clearly pretty solid, while the team's results have been smack-dab in the center of the conference. Frustrating.

Mega Bust, but awesome actor, Brian Bozworth

Speaking of flops, my prediction for this year's draft bust is aOSU's Vernon Gholston. I think that once he has a strict steroid policy hatin' on him, he'll have trouble staying as physically freakish as he seems to be right now...also, I've heard he takes plays off. Never a good thing.

My favorite part of the entire draft was seeing my man Colt Brennen plummet to 186th pick and hearing Jaws still argue that he wasn't worth it. Indeed. But, if an influx of WAC d-backs make their way into the league, he'll be all-pro. Also noteworthy, his thugged-out wideouts were all left at home to sip Mai Tais, Hawaiian Punch or whatever the hell those degenerates drink when not getting arrested back on the mainland.

Oh yeah, Tom Zibikowski was picked at a rock-solid 86th. Did you know he was a boxer?

Now onto our favorite pro teams:
Indianapolis Colts
The Colts first pick was offensive lineman, Mike Pollak from Arizona State. After that, they got a couple linebackers, a couple tight ends, a few more lineman and even a wideout from Mount Union (I didn't know they had a team). But, I'm a big fan of the backup running back they picked up. I think Mike Hart will see substantial action in the Colts 2-back set. He's like a rich man's James Mungro, who I always liked as a Colt.

NY Giants
The World Champs added quite a bit of fire power on the defensive side of the ball by adding some very good defensive backs and linebackers, most note-worthy, Kenny Phillips from the U. The funniest pick is that of once-super Mario Manningham. At one time, I thought that guy was a fast-as-lightning giant. Turns out, when he's in Indianapolis, he's not only a shade under six feet tall, but also a 4.6 40 guy. I actually think he'll be very productive, but I'm still shocked at his lack of height. Maybe all of the corners in the Big Ten are my height and he just dwarfs them.

Cleveland Browns
The Browns had some needs at linebacker, and picked up a few of them. The Browns draft was pretty uneventful due to the fact that their earliest pick was in the fourth round. They picked up a few offensive weapons in tight end, Martin Rucker from Mizzou and possession receiver, Hubbard from Wisky. Hopefully, they figure out how to cut a bit of their extra costs and can spend their money a bit more wisely in coming seasons.

One last point- Boiled Sports has had an amazing effect on the complexion of the NFL since its inception two years ago. What do I mean? Well, my team is the Colts ('07 World Champs). J's team is the Giants ( '08 World Champs). Is it too early to predict Tim's team as world champs in '09?? I think not. Put it down in Sharpie!


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