Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius: Joe Tiller

If you can out-think, out-wit, out-prepare and beat a genius, what must you be? I don't really know. But you are at the very least considered the Boiled Sports Weekly Real Genius when you accomplish such a feat.

Congratulations, Coach Joe Tiller! You have earned this honor.

While the spread was set at a ridiculous 22 points, your team was favored by everybody...except Lou Holtz. You did one of the most difficult things in sports- met expectations. Granted, you were playing one of only seven remaining D-1 teams without a win, but that matters little.

You overcame nearly two full quarters in which your team traded uniforms with the cheerleaders, yet, when the clock hit triple-0, the Boilermakers had beaten UND by two touchdowns.

Sure, the Irish have their moral victories...but your team just chalked up another REAL victory versus a coach who has a "great advantage" when it comes to X's & O's. UND has more blue-chippers on its roster this season than your Boilers have had in your entire 11-year tenure at Purdue AND they have the schematic advantage that the Manatee brings, yet your team, Coach Tiller, won the game. That is indeed genius.

Some might say the term "genius" gets watered-down when 8-10 coaches are given the same label in just one season. We don't think so, and neither should you. The prestige of this award remains large, just as Charlie Weis' ego remains despite the fact that his team can't beat anybody.

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