Classic BS Photo: Idiot Fans In Ohio

This weekend, Ohio and Ohio State are playing, which give me the opportunity to post one of my favorite pics of stupid fans:

That photo is from last year's OSU-Ohio tilt. And, yes, those tools are wearing Ohio shirts -- including the one on the right mocking OSU -- and Ohio State hats. Seriously, fellas?

As I recall, Ohio kept this game alarmingly close for the first half and I snatched this screengrab as they were panning the crowd as the teams went to the locker rooms at halftime. So these guys were, presumably, cheering Ohio for keeping it close... right?  And then, after the game, drinking beer and high-fiving over the Buckeyes win.

Because, I would imagine, they went to Ohio but root for Ohio State. Awesome.

It's fans like this that are embarrassing to the rest of us. You can't even pick a side of the fence to stand on... during the game?

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