So you're saying there's a chance

In the eyes of the media, the unstoppable juggernaut that is UConn basketball cannot be stopped by the lowly hand maiden Purdue Boilermakers. Well, that's not what the computers say. Sure, they're still underdogs, but with the average score after 10,000 simulations being 72 - 67 with UConn winning, it's not exactly the defenseless going against the jack booted oppressors here.

In 14% of the cases Purdue actually won the game by more than 10 points. That's not bad. I've been keeping an eye on how well these simulations work, and at least in Purdue's case they've been darn close to reality. Let's just hope tonight the reality is in the 37.1%.

Is UConn a good team? Definitely. So is Purdue though. ESPN has Purdue being the worst team in the Sweet 16 while they have UConn being the second best. No one is giving Purdue a chance here. That should definitely inspire them. They seem to perform best when they're counted out. With all the distractions around UConn at this time, as well as their surely inflated heads, something unexpected can happen tonight.

Game on.


Football Practice begins

Since they're already not focusing on Purdue...This isn't a big deal