When you win, people notice.

Carson Wiggs and Ryan Kerrigan received BT POW honors today following their excellent performances v. aOSU. Kerrigan added to his conference award with national recognition by earning the weekly Walter Camp Award as well.

Well done, gents!

But let's be honest, a ton of guys played great on defense Saturday- King, Pender and Williams were all noteworthy...all five linebackers that played were solid...Neal's strength opened up the ends and Brown and Gooden both got into the act as well. And Gravensande, just by successfully and cleanly fair-catching punts time and time again, earned something, at least in my mind...Elliott was just 'out of the money' as offensive player of the week and Valentin and Smith made him look good the entire afternoon. There's a ton to be proud of.

So handsome.