Arid Desert

I've been in AK...and contrary to popular belief, I wasn't vacationing with Travis from Hammer & Rails...Not because I didn't want to, but because he didn't ask.

My trip has left me a bit jet-lagged (surprisingly), but I'm ready to help J carry the BS torch once-again. But, since there's not a whole lot to write about, I'll just jibber-jabber for a moment.

Purdue Day Revisited
First off, the Purdue day on BTN was re-aired yet again, and I didn't get a whole lot out of it as I've watched those games/shorts multiple times. BUT, I did notice one thing- Ed Hightower's hair.

What's that, you've never taken time to look at the top of Ed's head? Well, I think he's hoping that's the case. in 1994, the Czar of dramatic officiating in college basketball had but a few scant hairs atop his wise head. yet, in 2008, this is what his head looked like.
I have no idea how I missed this so long...but since he's always thought the fans tuned in to see him officiate, it makes sense that he'd go to such lengths to make himself look oh-so-good!

Hope's Headscratcher
I wrote about this a few weeks ago- how Coach Hope's recruiting class looks nothing like the '09 version...but this trend has continued. While I was away, Purdue verbals rained in like J Money jumpshots back in the day...and none of them are from the Sunshine state...but I like Sean Robinson a lot. Seems like a bigger Robert Marve to the uneducated eye.

Sure, Coach Hope's fulfilling needs, but the amount of verbals, and the types of players coming in do not resemble last year's effort in the slightest...It seems odd, at least to me that we're seeing such a big departure from last-year's effort in only Hope's second recruiting campaign.

No News is...uhhhhhh, boring
This is a slow time of the year, no doubt about that. This weekend, EsPN went back to its roots of the early 80s by showing men's slow-pitch softball, baja racing, bowling and other less-watched sporting events. There's so little news, that Erin Andrews having a good body is news...wouldn't it be more-newsworthy had the illicit video shown that Ms. Andrews was disfigured in some way? No matter...The duldrums are coming to a close in the very near future as August is fast-approaching...Can't wait until football season.

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