Football Jambalaya -- Hitler Edition

There's so much happening right now and I have a few free minutes so I wanted to talk about lots of things... which I've already done down below... but figured I should also do a football jambalya, which, while nobody seems to appreciate them, I kind of like.

Shitler Shravesty

As you may have heard, Lou Holtz compared Rich Rodriguez to Hitler, in some weird clumsy way... nobody quite understood the senile old man, including his castmates Mark May and Rece Davis. Holtz apologized on Saturday morning and ESPN will apprarently not discipline him, despite suspending Jemele Hill a few months ago for referencing Hitler in one of her columns. Interesting. Holtz is useless, anyway, so why not suspend him? It's not like he's adding anything.

Schlabach Continues To Be of Questionable Intelligence

Mark Schlabach, who writes inane article after inane article and yet still gets paid by ESPN, has another doozy out today. While everyone who watches college football has been impressed with Texas meeting the challenges they've faced and looking at the gauntlet of a schedule that they have to get through to make a potential National Title Game, Schlabach writes an "Is Texas Good?" article. Nice. I could break this down and point out what an idiot he is, but just read it yourself. You don't need help seeing how weird his argument is.

Thanks For Stopping By For 2008, Wisconsin

Wow, I guess after Pryor ran that one in against the Badgers at home on October 4, the Wisconsin team folded the tent, huh? Two straight tough losses and then they get blown out by Penn State and then.... 38-16 against Iowa? Really, Badgers? Weren't people talking about them as a Rose Bowl or even National Title contender just a month ago? 0-4 in the Big Ten... hey, welcome to the bottom of the heap, Wisky.

Moving to the NFL, It's Fun Watching the Cowgirls Implode

There's talk here in Texas about Wade Phillips being fired. I guess if he had stepped on Tony Romo's finger and broken it, or if he maybe had billyclubbed a better offensive line's collective kneecaps, then you could fault him for the 'Boys current skid. But seriously, did people think that a line that couldn't keep Romo from getting hurt was going to suddenly and skillfully protect 40-year-old relic Brad Johnson and they Cowboys would just roll?

Either way, for a Giants fan like me, it's fun to watch. Now up two in the loss column, and a tough division path ahead of them looks a little bit more navigable.

Mike Alstott Honored at Bucs Game

The ole A-Train got a well-deserved honor at the half of the Bucs game this weekend, being presented with two framed jerseys. One was his first one, in those hideous pre-1997 Tampa Bay jerseys that were basically synonymous with losing... and his name was spelled "Alsott" on it. Good to see the former Boilermaker -- and a favorite of ours -- being given full attention like that. Mike's a guy who just went to work every day and was never about the personal, individual honors, yet he has frequently deserved them. Good for you, Mike.

At Least Big Ten Officials aren't this bad...

Breaking News -- Sox-leaning Site Says Rays Don't Deserve World Series