Lewis Jackson Shines in All-Star Game

A guy that some IU fans have mocked saying, "he's too small to compete at the next level" shined in an unimportant, but noteworthy performance in Bloomington, Illinois this weekend. Jackson, who was MVP, led his South All-Star team over the North with 24 points, 16 coming in the second half.

Jackson brought the crowd to its feet with an impressive dunk in the first half...the writer of one article said it was from "just inside the free throw line." I guess that's vague enough to not be a lie...in the same way, I'm just under six-foot (I'm 5'4").

While Jackson's lack of size was a problem in the minds of some schools that recruited him, he has continued to show that versus high-level talent, his quickness and athleticism overcomes his lack of stature. Let's hope it translates into big production when he's wearing the gold and black in the coming years. By his videos and after reading a lot of articles talking about his abilities, he reminds me of Dee Brown (from Illinois) with a better vertical leap. Let's hope he sails through the NCAA clearinghouse as there are rumours circulating about potential pre-req. issues that might be road blocks for Lew Jack.

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