Wednesday Gumbo (CMigrator copy 6)

Football Quickhits:
-It sounds like Josh Johnson will be the guy returning punts to start the season for Hope's squad. He's looked sure-handed in practice...and hope likes his cool head under pressure.

-Rob Henry insists he's still a QB first at practice...and he's been getting more snaps recently, probably because of the protests.  But, he's pretty buried.  Seems TerBush has a stranglehold on the first-string job.

-In the extremely-limited footage I've seen of practice, Ibarra looks like a good athlete and can contribute quickly...if nothing else, on ST.  And speaking of Special Teams, Hope likes Feichter as a guy who can bring the fire and attitude to those units that re needed.  He compared him favorably to Carlino in previous seasons.  Like most people from Fishers, Carlino is a badass.

-Raphael Davis continues to impress in Italy.  Most-recently, he was named the MVP of the Boilers' third game on their tour while scoring 23 points off of the bench.

-Cliz is really impressed with Purdue's frontcourt.  Painter showed the combo of Hammons and Marcius at the same time...that's a ton of beef.  On top of a seven footer, and nearly-seven footer playing at one time. Hale has been cleaning the glass like a squeegee as he's averaged double-digit boards overseas.

Clisby also says don't sleep on Simpson...he really likes what he sees in practice.  But, he thinks success this season might hinge on if the bigs can get in shape before the season...The good news is there's plenty of time left.

-Purdue is now 2-1 heading into their last game of the Italian trip.

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