Don't Get Your Balls Mixed Up

Yes, this is another post having to do with Alex Rodriguez. Hey, it's baseball season, what do you want from me? boilerdowd will provide you with your F1 news and I'll ramble on about baseball... and eventually, mercifully, Boilermaker Football will be upon us.

Anyway, so Alex Rodriguez hits home run number 499 last night as the Yankees continued to beat up on quadruple A teams. Leaving aside the fact that ARod will only be 32 years old on Friday and he's already at 500 dingers (okay, 499), how about this interesting fact:

Prior to their game against the Orioles on Friday, the Yankees have to complete a game that was suspended due to the weather on June 28th. So if ARod, who will bat in the completion of the game unless Torre removes him, hits homer #500 then, it won't technically be #500 and the one from last night will now be number 500. Right?

Or do we count them in succession... and this one will literally be the 500th of his major league career, according to chronology?

Geez, ARod, you can't even do this right. You're such a choker.

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