Look Who We Caught On Our Lawn

It's TheUConnBlog! Hey, no, not there! Hey, I just mowed that!

Yes, yes, we know that's how much you respect us... we get it:

Also, they play in the Big 10 conference, which could rightly be described as clown shoes.

Yes, yes, we're not the Big East. Which you didn't win.

You don’t win the Big 10 conference without having some talented, tough players. OK, I don’t really believe that, but at the very least, Purdue creates some match-up problems that UConn will have to contend with.

Interesting half-compliment.

So with that, and my standard “crazy nonsense can happen in one 40-minute basketball game” caveat, I leave you with the words of that great prophet and mediocre utility infielder, Mariano Duncan (or so I am told by our beloved commenters). Let them inspire you.

We play today. We win today. Das it.

Purdue winning would be "crazy nonsense"? Perhaps. This last line almost suggests all they need to do is show up and they can get to work on the game plan for Memphis. Yes, well, don't forget about Missouri. They have a shot.

For the record, the karma Gods are forcing me to give the following caveat: If I’m wrong, it’s not because I jinxed UConn. It’s because Porter found a Chipotle in downtown Glendale.

Indeed. It will not, under any circumstances, be because you were defeated by a Big Ten squad. That's un-possible!

Can you just maybe go over there, in someone else's yard?

No? Ah! That's gross... bad dog!


Smooge Confident about being the best...

Football Practice begins