Retrospective: Terry Hutchens is an idiot.

Back when Purdue's current Freshman class was just a highly-touted group of recruits, one at least one member of the local IU shill-dom wasn't buying into this group of student athletes as being anything special.

Many of you know who Terry Hutchens is. He's an IU lackey who suffers of diarrhea of the pen much like Bob Kravitz, also of the IU Star. He reminds me a lot of a guy who I read regularly on the interwebnet with his opinionated, bias-filled rants...only problem, he gets paid to do what he does...and unlike that handsome genius from BS, Hutchens actually takes himself seriously.

Hey Terry, do you still think Hummel is merely a role player who "will struggle to ever average double figures"? I hope so, and I hope your beloved Coach Sanctions agrees with you. (FYI- Hummel's already averaging double figures despite being extremely ill for three of the first 20 games of his young career).

I can tell you this much, Bo Ryan and Michael Flowers (who know a bit about college basketball) respect his game and think Hummel and the rest of this Purdue class is absolutely worth all the "fuss".

Purdue role player still needs more players around him to shine.

I'm sure it's an acquired taste that you know well Mr. Hutchens, but have you gotten used to having Florsheim leather stuck between your teeth?

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