How Cute: UND Still Thinks They're Relevant

UND Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick gave Chuck Weis a vote of confidence by praising the building of a new 5,000 seat hockey arena. Or something like that.

Regarding the football team heading in the right direction:

Swarbrick also believes there will be a better team dynamic this season. He says Notre Dame's 49-21 over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl has led to improved team spirit and camaraderie.

Okay, we've discussed this before, but... seriously? They beat up on a poor Hawaii team. And if they hadn't, Fat Charlie would have had his second losing season in a row. They went 7-6, people, with several nutritious cupcakes on the schedule.

Swarbrick also had positive words about Weis, saying he hadn't been given enough credit for coaching through all the pain he was in last season.

The 53-year-old Weis injured his left knee on Sept. 13 when defensive end John Ryan, who is 6-foot-5 and 264 pounds, was blocked into the coach during the Michigan game. Doctors told Weis the damage was so severe it appeared that he had been in a car crash. In December, he had his right knee replaced because of severe deterioration of the bone.

Yes, Charlie is a warrior. I'm sure being morbidly obese didn't have anything at all to do with his bones deteriorating. Oh, that's right! He's morbidly obese because it's the doctor's fault!

Swarbrick praised Weis for coaching without taking pain medication, so he could remain clear-headed.

Wait, how many millions does Weis make? And he STILL stayed clear-headed for hours at a time on Saturdays! Praise be to the man!

Swarbrick has had more than football on his mind the past year. One of the highlights of his first year was the announcement that the board of trustees in February had approved construction of a 5,000-seat ice hockey arena that will open for the 2011-12 season. The school also consolidated its medical services, strength and conditioning, and nutrition departments into a sports performance division.

"I think it will give our students a competitive edge," he said.

Notre Dame also is preparing to open new facilities for soccer, lacrosse and track and field.

Swarbrick has yet to figure out, however, how to move Notre Dame out of the wasteland that is South Bend, Indiana.

[Swarbrick] is also trying to cut costs and increase revenue during these tough economic times. He said the school is trying to come up with ways to do more events on football game days that could bring in more money and to explore more ways to bring in more advertising through new media.

Yes, if only we could get more Notre Dame media exposure. Blech.

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