Thoughts from Purdue's visit to Evanston

I haven't gone back and watched film of Saturday's game...nor will I. But, here's what I gather in the wake of Purdue's visit to the land of purple.

-Things aren't as bad as I thought they were weeks ago, they are much, much worse. Coach Tiller, Spack and Z got together to create one of the worst gameplans in the history of football...and at halftime, following Purdue's customary meal of doughnuts, various pastas with cream sauces and White Castles, our Boilers took a nap...and came out flatter than ever. Honestly, do you think Tiller sings lullabyes to his team before leading them back on the field?

-Sounds like Siller is being moved back to let's see him at quarterback next week...let's also see a new offensive system. Perhaps we'll run the Wildcat every play...leave the ball in Sheets hands; let him throw it. Whatever our Boilers do, they should definitely throw out the old system...outside of junk TDs, Purdue simply doesn't score anymore. Let's play the wing-T or run the old Jim Coletto offense (run right, run left, incomplete pass, punt)...oh wait, we already do that.

-Ken Plue looked monsterous on both of Sheets big runs. He literally ate the opposing linebacker on both plays and sealed a hole for Sheets to run through that a fat old guy, like myself could have done the same (until fainting and/or getting the crap knocked out of me by a safety).

-Purdue made another mediocre team look very, very good. My advice to NU fans is before using this one as a barometer, look at UND this're very similar. Just like the Irish, you kicked the hell out of a lowly Purdue team, but haven't beaten anybody else...temper your moxy before talking trash in a few weeks when you play another real opponent. It only gets easier this week for you in Bloomington.

-One of our regular visitors apologized because he now sees that Tiller is the root of the woes, not Painter or anyone else. For every other Purdue fan who wants to admit they were wrong, please don't...none of us are happy about what's unfolding each week in God's country. Facts are facts though...and with each week, Tiller buries the remnants of his old "basketball on grass" and the rest of the program he built beneath a steaming pile of oatmeal-laden excrement. I really believe it's going to be a good three years before I can sift through this stinky mess to see the beauty of what once was...History might judge Joe well, but it's going to take me a while to do the same.

-In the recent past, Purdue fans, myself included were upset with giving away games in the closing minutes...When we asked for things to change, we weren't asking for the games to be completely out of hand with a quarter left to play; but thanks for trying to change things for us, Coach! We appreciate the sentiment.

-Kory Sheets lambasted the effort of the team and coaches and quietly expressed his discontent with the coaching as well following the game...Am I angry at him? Not really...he's stayed pretty quiet much of the season...and he's flat-out right. Now, if he wasn't a fifth-year Senior and this wasn't the last year of a lame duck coach's career, I might assess the situation differently...but it's good to see that he, Baker and Neal are all going down swinging. I'd much rather see a bunch of guys whose careers might be over acting like there's no tomorrow than simply watching it end with a blank look on their faces (a la Curtis Painter after being pulled). Like I've said before, these players are part of a system, a mentality and a program that is crumbling before our eyes. Danny Hope's work gets more and more difficult with each passing week.

-I heard Tiller sarcastically comment about how he hadn't seen fall leaves change color in 35 years during the telecast on Saturday...Part of the reason could be because he's been hybernating since 2004.

-One more thing- have you ever seen a kickoff return team look worse and make a worse wedge than Purdue's did late in the second half?

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