Gays everywhere rejoice as one of their own wins olympic trial

Hot Gay action

Gays from Hawaii to California to Vermont were ecstatic Sunday as a member of their family nearly set the world record. Tyson Gay, one of the great athletes in his family, and one of the favorites to win gold in Beijing came one step closer to doing so in the U.S. 100m trial in Eugene, Oregon.

His coach, John Drummond said, "We need to get some type of flame-retardant uniform..." following the wind-aided 9.68.

The flaming Gay sauntered into China on his rocket-like speed while winning the most recent trial.

Some future competitors reacted- "I'm afraid of that Gay guy...He's just so aggressive, he's on you from the beginning...I just am not sure if it's completely natural." (the athletes preferred they were not named in this story)

Granted, there will be those who won't accept the Gay accomplishment (due to wind) at face value, but he knows he's done something special. He later said, " felt so good and I relaxed..." when talking about his second heet qualifier.

With the trials now over, Gay needs to keep his eye on the Jamaicans, who, in search of gold and notoriety in the press, will surely be charging from behind trying to take it from him. He will also try to qualify in the 200 for the olympics.

Hopeful Outlook

"Now we are entering a state of war"