Handsome Hour -- Always Bet On Black Edition

Many have said we have great timing. (Well, okay, nobody says that.) Tonight is the next installment of your favorite interwebnet radio show and ours, the Boiled Sports Handsome Hour.

Tonight, we'll try to do everything under the sun and probably not get to half of it. Since we last spoke, Drew Brees won a Super Bowl, the MSU Spartans have lost three straight (though Digger is confused) , and the Purdue Boilermakers basketball team is even in the loss column with MSU, Illinois and OSU in the Big Ten.

This evening, we bring you a special guest, Joey, the President and CEO of the Paint Crew. You can also follow their thoughts on Twitter at @thePaintCrew.

Joey will be joining us in the first portion of the show and then we'll take calls after the half-hour mark. Festivities begin live at 10 PM, Eastern.

Join us, won't you?

Win...again. Win..again.

Always Bet On Black