Seriously, Boston...The Hawks?

It's been well-documented that I think the NBA sucks. And the playoffs are for the most part continuing to illustrate that suckitude. LA sweeps Denver, San Antonio has dominated Phoenix, and the Hornets are crushing the no-heart Mavs. And those were expected to be the good series

But just like last year's first round, when Golden State took down top-seed Dallas, there's a lone interesting series going on in the first round... and it happens to be the one that everybody thought would be a complete walkover.

The 66-16 Celtics have somehow allowed the Atlanta Hawks -- the 37-45 Hawks -- back into this series.

I still don't think there a chance in hell that the Celtics will lose this series. But after a year of nobody talking about it, here is suddenly a huge reminder that Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have been playoff disappointments their entire careers and Doc Rivers hasn't really done much as a coach in the NBA.

Most interesting thing learned, though... the Hawks actually have bloggers... wow. What must that be like most nights

"We lost again tonight... only 3400 people were here."

This is the week blogging for the Hawks actually pays off.

Watt to NBA, Scott to the Redskins, Martin to UND, Oh my!

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