Showing Our Ass On NFL Picks

Okay, so I admit, I just wanted a reason to post this picture of Antonio Bryant's ass which for some reason just cracks me up. Probably for the same reason that farts still make me laugh. And that reason is I am male and proportionately mature.

Anyway, since there's no football this weekend for the first time since, like, last July, it's a good time to check in on our playoff picking.

As you may or may not recall, both Tim and I picked the Saints and Patriots to be in the Super Bowl this week. One of the reasons I picked the Saints is that back in August I was in Vegas and bet on the Saints to go to the Super Bowl at 35-1 odds. I was feeling pretty smart until their secondary forgot their were supposed to tackle guys. However, I still think if that game was in the Superdome the Saints win. Sometimes home field does make a huge difference, especially when you're playing against a team with runners who cut a lot and it's snowing and freezing.

Anyway, so Tim and I both went 0-2 to bring our playoff picks records to 5-5. Boilerdowd, on the other hand, went 1-1 in title games to move to 7-3 for the playoffs. As such, it looks like it'd be hard for him to lose our Boiled Sports battle here and he will officially win a night with... his own wife. Sure, it would have made for some drama if me or Tim had won it, so it's probably good that it turned out this way.

We'll be back later in the week with our official Super Bowl picks (probably). And maybe some other stuff. We'll see.

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