The BS Podcast for This Week

If you haven't been fully scared off by our technological prowess, or if perhaps you're a cutter, you may want to tune in your interwebnetradio this Thursday evening (that'd be tomorrow night) at 10 PM Eastern, for the latest installment of Boilerdowd Talks Loud. New from the WB.

No, actually we've been practicing and we think we may have it down to a science. (I use the same line on my wife.)

Anyway, we'll be streaming the podcast again this week on Thursday, 9/10 at 10 PM Eastern Time. Dial-in number, for anyone who wishes to call in to talk about any points we're making (or not making), can do so at (347) 945-5560.

Afterwards, despite the fact that it'll likely be perfect, we'll post an edited version for your downloading pleasure.

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