Moving Pictures

It seems the Hummel situation changes each week...and this BTN story makes me believe, to a greater extent, that Purdue might get better and better over the next month. That said, if Robbie's back gets bad again, Purdue could struggle mightily, in both Painter's got to manage #4 smartly...

The Future

These two future Boilers faced off on Tuesday night...and I'm pleased in what I see from both in this segment from Lafayette's WLFI.

They both seem scrappy and willing to mix it up on defense. Both have the ability, at least at the high school level, to take over a game offensively. And, they both seemed pretty stoked to be on their way to West Lafayette.

From the video I've watched, it seems Byrd likes to set up the three with drives that draw contact...this change up should help out our Boilers as he comes off the bench his Frosh year. Carroll is a back to the basket player and can create with his soft hands/footwork...I wish he could forgo his Senior season and come back up JJ in '09/'10. Part of me believes he might never get the chance to be JJ's back up because of the meteoric rise of Johnson's game; who knows.

Seth Davis is a Jack