YouTube Friday

I know, I know. It's just not the same. But we like to try new things around here (just the other day, I tried a brand of potato chip I'd never had) and since I -- like many of us, I bet -- can get sucked into YouTube watching, I thought it'd be fun to share some of what I've been looking at on YouTube. Sure, sometimes we'll slip in some gratuitous boobage, but for now we're going to share Youtubage.

Recently, I saw a couple of car crashes on YouTube and it got me to start looking for them, trying to find more and more insane crashes. I became voracious in my appetite for destruction. Why is this? Is this how NASCAR fanhood starts? I don't know, and part of me wondered if there was something wrong with me for watching those videos. But then I said to myself, "Self, these aren't snuff films." (I'd never share my snuff film collection with you.)

So this week's inaugural YouTube Friday will consist of osme of the more amusing crashes I've seen recently on YouTube. Enjoy.

There is nothing better than a stupid person doing something that you know is going to fail miserably. I mean, if you're a jerk like me. Some people would try to stop the stupid person from doing the stupid thing. Not me. I like to see disasters play out because, otherwise, how will the stupid person ever learn? Witness Exhibit A:

I don't know why the following one makes me laugh, because it's hellaciously dangerous, but it does. I think of the driver saying "wheeeeeeee" as he flies through the intersection, almost unscathed:

Have you ever driven in China? I've heard it's a truly harrowing experience:

And the last one for the day is a faker, made by the French to scare you into being a safe driver, because that always works:

That's all for this week. As always, have a safe and happy weekend and give Carl Landry your full Boilermaker support on Sunday as his Rockets try to dispatch the overrated Lakers.

YouTube Friday is a new feature here at Boiled Sports and will run on Fridays in this space, unless the angry masses hurt me for taking away their gratuitous boobies. If you've got a suggestion for an awesome video or a theme for the week, share it with us at and we'll be glad to take full credit.

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