A Reader-Suggested Revised Mackey Seat Map

Yesterday I posted about the Mackey re-seating and what did we all learn from that? Well, if you read the comments section, you learn that regular reader Boilergal has large people sitting next to her. Hey, wait a minute.... WE sometimes sit next to her! In T-Mill's seats! T-Mill, did you hear what she called you?

We also learned from Boilergal that if you don't like the seating situation, become a rich alum and buy good seats. Problem solved!

I don't think it's that big a deal that the good seats cost money. My issue is with the JPC control of everything and, more significantly, the weak student seating position within Mackey. To review, this is the proposed seating chart for the "new" Mackey in the fall of 2011:

For those with bad eyes, the darkest color is the proposed student section. Note, zero students tickets along either sideline...at any level. Reader Ryan went to work immediately and came up with what would be a dream solution and I felt it warranted being shared with everyone. Have a look:

Hoooo-baby. That would be fantastic. Can you imagine how that side of the arena would look/feel/sound? And they could carry the enthusiasm even over the lame-o people who sit on their hands and leave with ten minutes to go. Obviously, this would never happen. But it's fun to dream.

Thanks, Ryan, for the quick photoshop job.

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