Boiled Sports Is Growing Up

Yes, that's right, we're beginning to notice hair in strange places and that part of our blog stiffens up when sexy blogs rub up against us. We're coming of age. Or selling out. Tough call.

But you'll notice some more changes this morning to our little swatch of the interwebnet. For one thing, we're now whoring ourselves and accepting limited advertising. To the right you will see links to ticket brokers. Why they want to sell Red Sox tickets through this site, I do not know. Well, maybe they figure between Tim and I hating them and Boilerdowd liking them, it's a good melting pot. Either way, maybe if you buy enough tickets by linking from our site, we'll get complimentary seats to major sporting events. But probably not.

No, the main reason for advertising is so we can begin to fund this little endeavor. Sure, I know what we do looks easy and cheap (kind of like my high school girlfriend), but when Tim turns in a homemade Boiled Sports Expense Report with three visits to Hooters and multiple 2 AM Taco Bell visits, you begin to wonder where the money will come from. Oh, also, if our press credential request wasn't denied by the Motor City Bowl, we would have had to get there somehow, right? Taking Boilerdowd's Yugo really isn't appealing.

Seriously, though, if you want to see what advertising has bought us so far, we've finally made the leap to buying and officially moving to that link. This way, it'll be easier to tell your friends, spread the word, write it on bathroom walls, leave it on slips of paper on the subway and in men's bathhouses, etc. You know the drill. (Note, for the Web novices among you -- of which we are included -- no need to change your bookmarks -- will continue to work just fine.)

The last link you see over on the right, for Purdue-related calendars, is also extremely cool. We were contacted by the guys at Asgard Press and they asked us if we'd be interested in spreading the word about their products. We took a look and they're quite cool. Expect a more full write-up on them in the near future. But for now, if you want to check out the old-time, Purdue-game-program-themed calendars, go to this link now.

Okay, go about your business.

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