High Noon

If you're reading this, you probably already know that Mizzou AD has set a noon deadline for Painter to give him his final response. Many thought that Painter would be visiting Columbia today, possibly with his family, after the Missouri contingent made their final pitch to Matty in the shadows of Cinderella's castle.

Assumptions, connecting dots and emotional swings have been the norm for the staff here at BS the last few days. We're not going to tell you guys our feelings about what we think is going to happen because I don't think it does a ton of good...any good actually. But I can promise you that we're as emotionally drained as you are...and like everyone else, from West Lafayette to Columbia, we're ready for this to be over- one way or another.

I will tell you that we haven't wavered on one thing- we don't think this should have ever gone this far...and that alone pisses us off. Burke, Cordova and the trustees all waited too long to issue a public statement about their feelings & on the situation and how it was being handled. Depending on the exact date of when they found out, it was between 48 and 36 hours that they all stayed mum on this issue.

Matt Painter will address his team tomorrow, one way or another. And they'll be the second group to know his final decision...followed only by his family. That is definitely the correct way to handle something like this. For some reason, Matty didn't think the Boiled Sports staff was important enough to contact via Twitter or to call us for our opinion on our helpline...So unlike so many on the interwebnet, we have no anonymous source with true insider information.

Sleep well tonight everybody. As I said to my pal Keith, all of us should stop worrying- there's nothing we could have done to change this. Many of us invest our time, money and way too much heartache into Purdue athletics. While some that are high in Athletic Department want to lay blame for this situation at our feet, I have a difficult time hearing any of that nonsense.

I hope Matt Painter is my Alma Mater's basketball coach when Hummel, Smith and Jackson help open the renovated Mackey Arena on 11/11/11. Not much else to say.


It's over.

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