Purdue-EMU Predictorama

After a week that saw the Boilers lose a very winnable game at ND and then QB Robert Marve for at least some amount of time (though he's evidently actually talking about coming back by the Marshall game), I know that I'm not the only one ready to get back to football. And what better medicine for this program in its current state than the Eastern Michigan Eagles?

EMU is 0-2 and now faces Purdue and Michigan State in consecutive weeks. So maybe they'll be looking ahead to their in-state, same-color rival?

Eastern Michigan used to have a native American mascot but decided in 1991 to stop offending Native Americans and switched to "Swoop," pictured here, who interestingly is also the Philadelphia Eagles mascot. So apparently Swoop really likes green. And lousy football.

And away we go.

Boilerdowd sez:

EMU hasn't played any world beaters thus far, but still has dropped two games (Ball State and Illinois State). The Eagle team that went 6-6 last season and beat common Purdue opponent, WMU in a close, low-scoring game, returns a lot of last year's squad, especially on offense. 

Vegas likes the Boilers a lot, in the wake of whipping the spread in South Bend...and so do I.

The TerBush/Henry led offense should score early and often...and Shavers, Holmes and emerging inside target, Macarthy should get fat off of the respect given to Purdue's speed.

Hope's team beats a MAC team it's supposed to...going away as the defense remains rock solid and Shavers goes for over 100.

Purdue 42
Directional Michigan MAC squad 10

J sez:

Not much to say here -- Purdue will roll and has zero excuse not to. EMU actually lost at home against Illinois State last weekend, and it wasn't even close. Illinois St. is in the MVC and I don't know this for certain, but I imagine people in the MAC look down on the MVC to some degree, so this probably hurt a bit and probably suggests that EMU really is as bad as we think. 

I want to pick a score like 52-7 Boilers, but without Marve chucking it around, I don't think they'll roll it up quite so high. I do think it's going to be nice for Caleb TerBush to get to run the offense at home and against a far less talented team than ND -- we'll then be able to assess how he's progressing, as he'll have one start against a good team and one against a bad one. 

Regardless, Danny Hope will have his goofy smile on all day, as Eastern Michigan puts up not nearly the same fight as Western Michigan last December.

Boilers 35

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