The Hazell Handsome Hour - Tonight at 9:30 PM

The good news is that evidently word finally reached Chicago that Darrell Hazell has been hired at Purdue and so the Big Ten Network is going to air the presser live at 7 PM -- unless, of course, Wisconsin hires someone by then. You'll be able to find a stream of the press conference on Purdue Sports as well.

Following that, have some Hazellnut-flavored egg nog and join the Handsome Duo as we discuss the new Purdue coach with everyone's pal -- and sometime antagonist -- Brendan Murphy, the man who broke the story.

We're also endeavoring to get another guest on to discuss Hazell and his time at OSU so we can hear what others think we're getting.

Regardless, you won't want to miss it -- especially since you never know what kinds of pratfalls and misdirection BTR has planned for us all!

The high-wire act begins at 9:30 PM, Eastern, tonight at this here link.

A Few More Hazell Thoughts

Darrell Hazell is Purdue's Next Coach