More reason to hate the NY Times and dislike Jim Delaney even more

"Notre Dame is the most glamorous team in college football, with a history covering Knute Rockne and Joe Montana and, if the movies are included, Pat O'Brien and Ronald Reagan."

Note to Jim "ND Shill" Delaney-
Stop fricking acting like UND is the pretty girl and the Big Ten is the dorky kid looking for a prom date.

UND is the chubby, almost pretty (in certain light), smart-ish girl with the over-rated football program and the underachieving basketball program (but a kickass women's basketball team, congrats) and you're the damned Big Ten. Act like it.

Stop kissing their asses.

Dag nab-it, Jim, don't F this up for everyone.

Watt to NBA, Scott to the Redskins, Martin to UND, Oh my!