Summer Sideboobs!

And some aren't...(get it?) But you love all my sideboob posts so it's all good.

Where to begin this Friday? Well, I know one of my co-authors here (the absent one, who never posts) is a fan of the fairer-skinned ladies and so this first one is for him. I've never really been able to make up my mind about Rose McGowan but this kind of an outfit goes a long way towards making me like any woman.

Since we here at BS are nothing if not current with the times, how about a picture of "Victoria Beckham" (yeah, yeah, whatever... she'll always be Posh to me). But her cans look spectacular here.

I don't know who Lucy Pinder is. But she is in the following photograph and she's simply my favorite chick-a-dee that's graced these Sideboob Friday posts. I mean, she's gorgeous and she's got huge.... tracts of land!
I was thinking that three pics was plenty for a sideboob smattering... but as I said, I want to stay current and there's nobody more current that everybody's favorite drunken substance abuser, Ms. Lindsay Lohan! After Lindsay got out of rehab last week, she had to go almost straight to court for DWI offense. Nice! And she's only 21! At least little Miss Freckle Face is hot.


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