Fact Fondue - The Fighting Illini, and a #hashTag

The night train is a comin' it's home coming weekend. So let's sober up and put on a smile for the alumni as they return to watch the boys take on U of I. The fighting Illini are in the melting pot on this week's Fact Fondue.

Hash Tag for the week is #silenceIllinois. Join us on Twitter, where U and I can make no difference.
  • Official school colors are Illini Blue and Illini Orange...
  • They, like us, are a land grant university. 
    • Along with this, they have the Lincoln Theater with a bust of Lincoln. Students rub this nose as well. Ours is located in the Union.
  • The library system is the third largest in the nation - behind Harvard and Yale
  • They actually have turtles as the trophy for the Illinois/OSU rivaly - each school raises their own.
    • Sachem - Illinois
    • Bucket and Dipper - OSU
  • They celebrate a fake St. Pat's day because the real one falls during Spring Break.
  • They have a Huff Hall
  • They developed Mosaic - the world's first web browser
  • Famous Alumni
    • Dick Butkus (Linebacker, HOFer)
    • Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers)
    • 6 Astronauts - 0 since '92

Hard not to like: Danny Hope

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