TerBush Impresses Hope; Remains Starter

Caleb TerBush went into camp as the number one QB on the depth chart for the Boilermakers, but with lots of competition there was speculation as to whether or not he would stay at that spot for the season.  For now it looks like “The Bush” will be at least starting the first game amid Danny Hope’s latest comments to Mike Carmin of the Journal and Courier.

“He’s our starting quarterback and has taken his game to a different level," exclaimed Hope while his moustache wiggled in excitement.

I'm not so dead set on this idea of TerBush starting, but until I see in game action, I'm not going to be able to determine if this is another screen pass on third and long, or a seam route for a score.

There is going to be a lot of pressure on TerBush to perform early because of the talent behind him. A few bad decisions could lead to "Boo Birds" and ultimately his benching for one of the two other potential starters that are in the shadows. 

Personally I think this is Henry's squad. After the surgery it is going to be questionable as to how healthy he actually is, but with the season he had before he went down, it's going to be hard to let him watch from the side if this team gets in a slump or starts slow.

This is the year that Hope needs to take control of this fanbase and this team. With fewer and fewer season tickets being sold, it's time for a highly successful season to solidify this program as a player within the conference, or risk losing even more revenue from poor on the field performance.

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