We Get Handsomer

Hey, remember like over a month ago (don't worry, I can't go back that far, either) when I sort of said we'd be sprucing things up around here? Well, I had it in my mind that it would be a new year kind of thing... like, you know, new year, new look. And I even pushed fellow editor Boilerdowd to create our new logo. I even played the part of the unsatisfied client, sending back tweak after tweak after revision.... culminating in my printing out his design and physically ripping it to shreds just so I could send the little pieces back to him. (Bdowd -- should be arriving shortly).

Well, in the end, I was really just acting out the way I am wont to do. I think the new banner up above is pretty sweet and if you know Purdue history well -- and you take the time to study it -- you'll see it pays homage to a lot of Purdue legends, buildings and experiences.

So the logo's new and there might be a few other little rearrangements along the way, like the archives drop-down (thank God for that -- who the hell cares what we said in December 2006, anyway?) or the ordering of things on the right-side toolbar.

Even with our snazzy new masthead, though, we're still an everything sports blog. Yes, we lean heavily towards Purdue and college sports, but we all also have our own individual tastes and leanings, many of which differ considerably from each other and from our readers. And we think that's very cool. And as much as we (or I) act like an aloof weenie a lot of the time, I know I'm not alone in appreciating the small but powerful readership we have here. You guys are cool and we're glad we entertain you at least some of the time. So thanks. And that's as sappy as I'll get. Homos.

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