Follow Up On Johnny Football's Whining

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 Only because we wrote about this earlier in the week, but the follow up to why Johnny Manziel was so bitchy about how awful his life in College Station is?

A ticket. Not a ticket for a moving violation, even, and not one because he's famous or persecuted. No, it was because he parked incorrectly (Which I never understand -- why do some people park aiming the wrong way on the street? Laziness? Stupidity?) and because his windows were tinted too darkly. The second one is odd to me, because I lived in Texas and window tinting is commonplace there due to the sunshine making your car into an explosive greenhouse every day from April through October. But I guess even Texas has limits and one assumes Johnny Football's whip is as obnoxious as we all might expect (that is to say, as obnoxious as his entitled, whiny ass).

So last year, he got into a fight that should have had him suspended, which would have led to his predictable transfer (you know, because if something doesn't work out in your favor, you should run away to somewhere else), and this year he has now suffered the indignity of a parking ticket.

Walk a mile in his shoes, people. And see how you like tickets and not being allowed to kick people's asses with impunity.

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