Winning at Any Cost: University of Kentucky Basketball

The University of Kentucky, its alums, its administration and its athletic department are sick and tired of losing. They ran Tubby out of town because 20+ wins/year wasn't suitable...They hired Gillespie because of his success at T A&M...but he wasn't able to win quick enough...So they made their deal.

They went out and purchased a winning program in the form of a coach who, like the UK family, doesn't care about how they get there, but just wants more championships. Today, we saw the next phase of this as the Wildcats' recruiting class became complete as John Wall signed on to play for Coach Cal.

So, here's UK's incoming class (according to Rivals):
Four (4) Five-Star players Two (2) Four-Star players

A total of six blue chip players...The #1, #2, #22, #23 & #40-ranked players in one group of six incoming freshman to one school...who's in a state of transition. The last time a class like this was assembled was in Ann Arbor a few years back. Worldwide Wes, Coach Cal & Mitch Barnhart (who was probably feeling the heat) have come together to create a can't-miss championship program in a matter of mere months.

But, if you were Kentucky, wouldn't you be willing to win at any cost too? The NCAA refuses to make significant punishments to the fuel of the Title IX machine...and the Wildcats will be no different when, not if, this house of cards tumbles downward.

Congrats, UK alums...You're getting what you wanted.

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