B-Dowd Joins T-Mill And Others For Some Sweaty On-Camera Action

What? Is there something wrong with that headline?

Your favorite dunkerrific co-editor of Boiled Sports -- Boilerdowd himself -- joined H&R's Travis "T-Mill" Miller for a spirited two hours of sweating, panting and peeling off layers of clothing. And then they played basketball, too! Hey-yoo!!!

See Travis' video below for yourself. B-dowd is the square dude with the JJ jersey early on and then the gray, sweated-through muscle shirt later in the video. Strangely, they cut out the part where Travis hoses him down.

See the video, after the jump.


Big public thanks to T-Mill for inviting b-dowd and his brother along for the ride. And for the gratuitous cheap shot at me from 700 miles away. (Not that he was incorrect -- you don't want to see me on a basketball court.)

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