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Do you love your Boilermaker football squad? Of course you do.

Do you love the game of college football; the sights, the sounds, the aroma? Who doesn't?

Have you missed the handsomest duo in all of the land? Absolutely.

While I'm not sure if J will be there at the beginning or not, I do know that the show will go on...and eventually, J will decide to chime in.  Until then, you'll be listening to delicious, silky tones of me, Boilerdowd...along with our pal Brendan Murphy from the Purdue Football Tailgate Show.  Perhaps we'll even hear you?

To tune in at 9:30 West Lafayette Standard Time, click here.

Listen. Live. Love...and do so, handsomely.

J and Boilerdowd are already in mid-season form.

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