I'm Boilerdowd, and I was WRONG. Boilers roll in Homecoming victory


Call me a realist...Call me a pessimist...Call me someone of little faith...Call me wrong...Because I was when I looked ahead at this game- And I couldn't be happier about it.

Purdue was 1-22 in its last 23 games versus ranked opponents, was on a roll of not being able to beat any team with decent talent and had given me not much reason to believe they could win in Ross-Ade...or so I thought.

But from the beginning of this one, you could see Purdue was ready to play.  The front four were absolutely controlling Illinois' offensive line and, get this, putting pressure on Scheelhause.  On the other side of the ball, Nord was mixing it up, TerBush was had a firm grip on the control of the O and the execution was crisp at every turn.

I thought Purdue was playing for its life in this game, and they played like it, at least for a half...but that was enough. J will have a more-in-depth look at what transpired this afternoon in God's country in a bit. Until then, enjoy your post-game beverage and snacks and a buffet of Saturday football goodness from the rest of the nation.

Boilers win 21-14 over the 23rd-ranked Illini...The home team is always supposed to win Homecoming afterall- Glad Zook was willing to help this come to pass.

Give Us Back Our Cannon! Boilers Win On Homecoming Over Illini 21-14

Predicto - The Illini vs Our Boilers