The Handsome Hour Returns

As you may have noticed, we took last Wednesday off from the Handsome Hour. I had meant to post something about it, but if you were looking for the podcast on the night before or day of Thanksgiving, I guess your relatives are harder to deal with than most. Regardless, if you were thrown by our absence, our apologies. After eleven straight weeks, we decided to take a break. Analyzing Purdue football that much will require more frequent breaks usually, so we consider not taking a week off from the show since before Labor Day to be quite an accomplishment.

However, we're back for a couple more 2009 Handsome Hours to feed your Purdue talk needs. The schedule is as follows:

Tonight, 12/2, streaming live online @ 10 PM Eastern Time.

Wednesday, 12/16, streaming live online @ 10 PM Eastern Time.

That will conclude what I like to call Season One. The Season Two premiere of the Handsome Hour is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

Why tentatively? Because both Boilerdowd's and my wives are in the waddling stages of pregnancy and they're less-than-stoked about the idea of us doing the Handsome Hour from the hospital (I know, what's up with that?).

As always, all Handsome Hours available in non-live format the day after the broadcast.

Join us, won't you?

December 2, '09 Handsome Hour

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