Weber v. Painter III ('08)

I didn't want this scenario, but here we go- Purdue v. Illinois for the third time this season. I know, I know, Illinois isn't that good (especially when you simply look at their record). But, they've got two good, experienced big men and two guards that can shoot. Plus, if anybody knows Painter's tendencies, it's Weber.

One funny thing I just saw watching the end of the Illini victory was Weber looking like he was going to kill Frazier immediately following his game-winning layup. Frazier hit the lay-up (very poorly defended, mind you), PSU missed a long three and Frazier jumped up on the scorers table and yelled at the crowd. Weber, who was on the way to shake hands with the Lions' coaches started yelling (inaudibly I'm sure) and pointing at the ground while en route toward the PSU bench. Funny stuff.

Oh yeah, Erin Andrews is still hot.

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