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Alright...we're in the second half of the Big Ten schedule. Purdue is in the thick of the hunt and will be tied for a three-way tie in the BT come Saturday night. It's time for me to make a decision regarding something of extreme importance: Who will provide my television entertainment. I need to hear opinions of your current provider and I need to be as educated as possible...Thus I'm asking a bunch of people that I'll probably never meet. Here goes:

1. Comcast Cable
I currently have it, it works, great picture. My internet and phone are also through Comcast...My total bill is pretty affordable ($170). I have a sports package that gives me ESPNU, CSTV, VS., NFLN, and an extra Fox Sports...these are great during football season.

It used to be Insight Cable...I liked them quite a bit. Comcast raises prices frequently and will shortly start ratcheting up my bill. No Big Ten Network...thus, I have to go to the gym or a local watering hole to enjoy my Boilers (problem is, I've got a 2-year old who can't go with me). My phone service is flat-out subpar...somedays I can't even access my voicemail. Comcast lies about programming & has deceitful radio ads that make me want to SMASH!

2. ATT UVerse
Big Ten Network available. More HD stations. It's not Comcast. Phone line quality would be better. My internet will change over to a consistent 6 megs/sec.

Have to get boxes in all of the rooms. I currently have cable its height, it's 10 megs/sec. My phone bill would go up a bit. I'm told that the picture is not as good as cable HD. I'd probably lose ESPNU with the package that I'd get.

3. Dish Network w/ Comcast internet/phone
Big Ten Network. A ton of HD stations. Great dual tuner receiver w/ DVR that we can use in multiple rooms.

The weather affects the signal. Have to get boxes in all the rooms. Have to put a dish on the house. Internet/phone would go up in price due to the fact they wouldn't be bundled w/ TV.

It's good to have choices...but if Comcast would get the Big Ten Network thing figured out, I'd be able to look past the rest of their garbage because of convenience, at least until they raised my monthly fees.

Anybody have any thoughts/expertise?

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