"Excellence Is An Expectation"

As many of you know, yesterday was media day for the Purdue Boilermakers basketball team and maybe it was a good thing that it was sort of lost among the fun of a still-glorious week of football talk. But make no mistake, expectations are higher than high for this group this year.

The quote in the title of this post is from our pal Robbie Hummel, who feels that it's okay that excellence is an expectation now. When you think about the lean years Purdue sports have had at times and how the basketball program often had to claw its way to any modicum of respect, it's actually kind of nice -- though stressful -- to be in a position where you're definitely the hunted.

The goal is clearly the Final Four in Indianapolis and I think that's terrific. Conference title would be great, another Big Ten Tourney title would be nice.... but the goal is now what we all hoped it could be. A shot at the biggest stage in college basketball, and perhaps in all of college athletics.

To hear what some of the guys had to say at media day, see the following links:

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