About last weekend...

First off, how 'bout them Eagles? No, not in Philly, but Chestnut Hill's finest. They did what I didn't think would happen until well into the ACC season- they beat one of the best college basketball teams in the last 5 seasons...and did it by building huge leads; in Chapel Hill, no less.
The really great thing about this upset is that the more BC wins, the better Purdue's win looks against them back in November. BC has been on quite a tear since losing to our Boilers. They've won ten-straight since Purdue beat them in NYC...keep up the good work, Rice & Co! Boston College will almost-definitely be ranked next week.

Football Speculation
Hope currently has 20 verbal commitments for the '09 incoming class. Problem for dorks like me is we only know who 17 of them are. If I were a betting man, I'd put a nickel on Sterling Griffin being in that mystery three. I'm also hoping Eric Williams , Julius Forte, Jordan Barnes, Quanthony Fletcher or Sam Barrington join next year's class.

I think it's fair to say that Bryce Brown and Darren Myles won't be Boilers...but wouldn't it be fun if they were?

Regardless, guessing what an 18-year old is going to do is as much of a waste of time as are pre-season polls...Speaking of...

Boilers Looking to Bounce Back
Purdue heads to Happy Valley to play a better-than-expected PSU team. If their shooting woes continue, our Boilers will start 0-2 in conference. Battle and co. gave Wisconsin as much as they wanted in Madison this weekend and have already beaten the vaunted Wildcats...alright, so they haven't beaten anybody. Doesn't matter, they are still a pretty solid squad...and Purdue has struggled at PSU in previous seasons.

Hopefully the week off got everybody healthy because our Boilers are not playing like a good team right now, let-alone a potential Big Ten Champ. All I can say is Matty's squad doesn't deserve any top-10 votes at this time. (Did you guys hear that? I'm doubting you! Should piss you off!)

No Joy in Indy
The Colts season came to an anti-climactic halt as the Chargers once-again beat the Colts in the post-season. It's official- the Colts are the Chargers post-season bitch. Also noteworthy, if you can't tackle, don't cover well on special teams and can't move the ball on the ground, you cannot and will not be a respected team in the League. Now, I'm looking for a team to throw my support behind. A small fee will make that happen.

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