Everything's Great in South Bend!

Notre Dame football is still reveling in its large bowl victory versus a team that was in the BCS just a few seasons ago...and they're returning the former #1 quarterback prospect in the nation for his Junior season! And their coach, that guy's awesome- he worked under Bill Belichick...and really, he was the guy who made Tom Brady into the metrosexual, model-humping, NFL MVP that you've come to know and love so well. He helped another super-handsome quarterback develop into the NFL stalwart quarterback that Cleveland Brown fans and EAS consumers alike have both grown to care for deeply and respect on every level.

Charlie Weis is a fantastic coach who's done a ton of great things and he just keeps on doing them...If you don't believe me, just check with the UND SID- they just call it as they see it in South Bend...and all is well!!

(Thanks to BS reader, Patrick, for the heads up!)

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