(In)formal introduction

Meet Teddy.

I suppose there are some things I need to take care of.

Last week, the three handsome gentlemen of Boiledsports realized it’s time to lower the average age around this joint. Enter this guy. My name is Teddy, but I’ll be posting here under my Purdue given (user)name – thuff. I am a 2011 graduate from the college of Technology.


Why are you qualified to write on this fine, highfalutin website?

I wake up at 6am before a football game to make sure I am the first one there at the gates. I cried when we hung the Big 10 Banner. I screamed with the rest of the Paint Crew until I almost passed out when we defeated OSU. I have ridden the Special in while it was 12 degrees and snowing with a giant smile on my face. I have almost been jumped for wearing a Painter Jersey in Bloomington – fact.

I’ve lived through a Pervus and couple Baltimore Zoos.

I wear the old Gold and Black on my sleeve and I share the same experiences and energy of the staff here and the great readers of this blog.

I also really bugged the BS staff. That might be the most of it.

That told me you’re a super fan, not why you’re qualified to write here..

Cuz I write gud.

What kind of topics will you be writing about?


Specifically, I bring in an insatiable desire to find weird facts that add a little bit of intrigue to the content around here. We can give you some opinions and we can give you some news, but who doesn’t enjoy hearing that the Celtic’s first ever Draft Pick was from Purdue?

I will be more vocal when it comes to Basketball season, but I will also be able to give some onsite coverage of the football games.


I could go ahead and ramble on, but I’d like to give you the chance to ask some questions. I’ll keep track of the comments here and any messages sent to me @thuff on Twitter. In the mean time, I will be following around the insults that @boiledsports sends out and take jabs of my own as well.

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