Another Reason We'll Probably All Miss The Fat Man

Jonathan Chait writes a concise but excellent rebuttal to anyone who is still trying to put lipstick on the pig that was Charlie Weis' coaching career in South Bend.

Make no mistake -- Chuckles did a horrendous job and every time you think, "Man, that guy should be winning a lot with all the talent he gets," well, you'd be right.

Chait's article even punches some holes in the trendy notion that Weis was some fantastic offensive genius at the NFL level ("his offenses finished on average in the bottom half of the league in total offense ") and thus should be hired immediately for such a position. He probably will be, but he's no guru.

Also, think about this as you enjoy delusional Domers chattering on about how Urban Meyer wishes he could coach at Notre Dame: Aside from his first two years, when he was relying on Willingham recruits, Chuck Weis never even finished a regular season over .500. That's kind of jarring when you think about it.

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