Dorien's A Good "Team Guy"...and bonus thought

Something you might not see on December 26th

While you probably heard this, Dorien Bryant surprised no one by spouting off about the Motor City bowl in the last few days.

Sure, DB's a talented player...but can you remember his speed (4.39, supposedly) ever wowing you? I cannot; I can remember him proving to be elusive because of his shiftiness, but I also remember him being caught from behind on many occasions this season. Here's the thing, Dorien's pouting and having "alligator arms" show a lot about him...we really didn't need him piling-on himself to re-affirm the fact that his bad attitude has been a recurring theme throughout his career. It seemed to start when he made the extremely wise move of siding with Brandon Kirsch a few seasons back when Brandon was benched and really hasn't let up since. He showed some positive leadership, I thought, when he looked like he was trying to get the O-line into a few games this year. But for the most part, it's been the same, sorry story. Good riddance young man- I hear there's a huge market in the NFL for fearful punt returners and receivers that can't catch the ball with their hands.

Scary Dude
While Purdue might have a player or two whose physique seems a bit un-natural...but is there any doubt that tOSU's Gholston has horse hormones coursing through his body?

Update!!! I just found the substance that keeps Mr. Gholston soooo shredded. More photo evidence below:
Why is he always sweating???

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