Sideboobs Are In The Air

You know, like the way Spring is kind of in the air?

Yeah, it's Big Ten Tourney time, it's Spring Break time and, of course, it's Sideboob Time. Giddy-up.

Up first, in the spirit of Spring Break, here are a couple chicks I came across (well, I didn't actually... I mean, well, whatever, you know what I mean) on College Humor. Evidently they were playing Beer Pong and, oopsie, look where the ball ended up. I think this is an automatic victory. And the girls have to pour the beer all over themselves rather than drink it. Hey, the rules are the rules.

This is Amber. She was 2007's "Hottest College Girl," beating out thounsands of entries on previously mentioned College Humor. Can't say I disagree with the voting.

And wrapping things up today (or unwrapping them, perhaps) is Miss Amber again. Not sure I have anything else to add.

Enjoy the Big Ten Tourney this weekend, gents, Boiler Up and don't forget to join our Tourney Pick 'Em Bracket on Yahoo. We don't care who you are or if you even never comment... unlike a lot of obnoxious, self-important, overly-impressed-with-themselves sites, we welcome all and are all about the love. Manlove.

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