Uh-oh, Mike Missanelli is Talking

Just before noon today on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, Mike Missanelli was filling in for Max Kellerman (talk about two bad choices). Missanelli was discussing his little segment he (apparently) calls "Love Mail/Hate Mail" when his co-host suggested he go with "Love Mail" today with Valentine's Day just around the corner. Missanelli's response to this suggestion?

"You're not going 'Amaechi' on me, are ya?"

Hoo-boy, this ought to make politically-correct people real happy, turning John Amaechi's gayness into a punchline on an ESPN frequency. Missanelli is just one of a cavalcade of idiots that are broadcast on 1050 every day so there are tons of other reasons I would choose to list as to why he's an idiot but this one.... well, way to be aware of the issues, Mike. I mean, Snickers just got absolutely lambasted by gay activist groups for their "Kissing Mechanics" commercial during the Super Bowl, there's been tons of talk on radio and TV this week about John Aemechi coming out of the closet and whether or not a gay athlete might ever be accepted, and here goes Missanelli making an offhand comment that illustrates precisely why gay dudes could never be in pro sports. This is a doofus radio host -- far from the manliest of men -- and even he thinks it's an utter joke.

Being a white straight man, I'm not usually one to bang the drum about this stuff but, dude, come on. Think before you speak. If he made this comment about race, he'd be out on his ass. Just like he was a year ago in Philly.

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