Barlow out for Tourney

Barlow chokes his post-season away

Gold and Black is reporting that Kelsey Barlow is out for the NCAA tournament due to suspension.

Barlow is an important part of the rotation and would have surely been helpful versus longer, more athletic teams (read as Georgetown), especially on defense. While I was ecstatic with the idea of an angry Kelsey Barlow playing the trash talking Peacocks, I'm even more pleased that Painter has decided to hold up team rules regardless of the timing. I don't think many teams or coaches in America would make this decision, especially on the eve of the tourney. In fact, I know teams in the BT that wouldn't discipline their athletes for larger, more egregious errors.

Hats off to Matty. Note to Kelsey: Get your head screwed on'll be needed next season. Plus, Purdue fans love your killer instinct, your huge upside and the fact that you're widely-disliked around the league.

With every problem comes opportunity. So now, will it be Terone Johnson whose minutes will increase and production must increase as well? Will John Hart find his stroke and get back into the rhythm we saw earlier in the season? Regardless of whom steps up, someone...or multiple players have to make up for the 19+ minutes, 5 points and nearly 3 assists per game that #12 provided.

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