Black/Gold Game Eve

In about 13 hours, Purdue will square off against Purdue for the final official team get-together of the Spring.  In spite of rain in the forecast, I'm still pretty stoked to take LBD to God's country along with his cousin for a day of fun and frivolity. The Spring games usually mean little, but they're always a morsel of tasty football goodness to tide me over until late-August. This year will be no different...but there are some things I'm looking forward to.

TerBush v. Marve: Round 1
Well really, this whole Spring has been the first round of the battle between these two.  TerBush didn't really offer much of a fight when Marve first got on campus a few years ago...and last year, Marve wasn't much competition due to his knee.  Of course, Coach Hope says both are practicing well...I'll be the judge of that tomorrow.  My findings will surely produce a clear starter for the fall*

Who is this year's Ralph Bolden
When Bolden was fully recovered from his first busted ACL a few years ago, he shined during the Spring game...and I told J that he'd be a difference maker that season.  Turns out, he rushed for nearly 1,000 yards that season (most of them coming against Toledo).  He looked like the kid in the highlight video from HS...and not just because he was playing Purdue's crappy defense at that point (sorry, truth hurts sometimes).

So my question is who is the guy that will show me he's ready for primetime.  Perhaps it'll be Shane Mikesky, Armstead Williams...Doug Gentry or Jalani Phillips?? Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing new faces...and numbers for that matter, doing big things.

Beware of Fool's Gold
Back in the late 90s, Burgler and then Edgerton always looked like they might push a guy named Brees come the next fall.  Turned out, there's no way in hell they could do such a thing...but they were kickass Black/Gold game players.

More recently, Sean Matti had a monster Spring game at RB...So I guess there's always a chance we're just seeing a guy have one good afternoon...nothing more.  But seeing someone go off is always fun (until you remember it's against Purdue).

Motivated Seniors
There are a couple guys on the roster who have had great Springs so far...and are honestly due for some big things...Here's to seeing that continue.

I look for Tommy Thomas, Antwon Higgs, Max Charlot and Eric Mebane to make a bit of noise tomorrow...and perhaps it can continue in the fall.  There are others, but these are a few of the guys that I've always thought had it in them; just we haven't gotten to see enough of it...yet.

Everyone's a Winner...or at least a Captain
The team voted 6 captains into "office" this week- Caleb TerBush, Akeem Shavers, Crosby Wright, Kawaan Short, Ricardo Allen and Raheem Mostert. Six is a lot of captains...But wait, there's more!!!

The coaches named the following honorary captains: Rich Schmeig, Tommy Thomas, Josh Johnson, Robert Maci, Cody Webster and Chris Quinn.

No word yet if every player will receive participation trophies for the season...I will check on that though.

In all seriousness, doesn't it cheapen the role and specialness of the captains if an entire second group of captains are named without the vote?  I do understand that Tommy Thomas has been a great leader for the team for multiple years...but I doubt any of that changes with a title or lack there of.

Kickoff and the subsequent nearly-full speed return will be at 1:00 pm tomorrow.

*My findings mean nothing.

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